• Disposable Electronic Cigar Classic Tobacco Flavor

Disposable Electronic Cigar Classic Tobacco Flavor

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The Logic Smoke disposable electronic cigar has the natural tobacco-leaf look, feel and taste of a hand-rolled premium cigar. It has a pliable, natural-feeling soft tip just like a real cigar; and with the electronic cigar, you can inhale. The disposable electronic cigar contain a battery that supplies the power and a cartridge that holds an the liquid that carries the specified flavor. The liquid contains 11mg or 18mg of nicotine, similar to that of a traditional tobacco cigar. There is no tar, no smell, and no smoke that will stain walls, moustaches etc. You just get huge, billowy clouds of vapor. They have become very popular with even the most discriminating cigar aficionados.

The Logic Smoke disposable electronic cigar has no need for special humidors or other storage contraptions. No need for special lancers or piercers either. And since there is no flame required, you will not need cedar spills, special matches or lighters. Disposable electronic cigars  are great to use at bachelor parties, weddings, poker games and other venues, where traditional cigar smoking is no longer acceptable or permitted, or just sitting at home and relaxing.

The Logic Smoke disposable electronic cigar comparable to approximately 3 packs of cigarettes or approximately 1500-1800+ puffs. Everyone puffs on a cigar differently, so puff counts and results will vary from person to person. The Logic Smoke disposable electronic cigar are long lasting, lightweight and have the classic, traditional look and feel of a real cigar. They are 151.5mm in length and 18.2mm in diameter. With every puff you take, the foot of the disposable electronic cigar will light up, simulating the ash at the foot-end of a lit traditional tobacco cigar. You will start to ask yourself why you didn't try these sooner.

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